Cosmic Racing.  Faster Than Uranus.  You're smart.  You know your objects in motion.  The physics of flying.  Going into orbit.  That's what Cosmic Racing is all about.  Something different.  Something you have to think about.  Not what some poser is wearing because he saw it on TV and bought it at a mall. 

If you ride or fly, and we mean into space, then Cosmic Racing is for you. Vintage Motocross, Motocross, Supercross, Board, Ski, Hang Glide.  Sports that take nads the size of planets. Attitude that has brains and looks.  When you've got what it takes to do triples, jump off cliffs, do vertical, then you know what the feeling of being cosmic is.  Now you can show it. We are back and developing new products for vintage motocross.  Plus, we will soon post select used products for VMX as well as more photos of our goodies!

Cosmic won't be found at a mall.  It is sold here. Developed by alien minds on a bar napkin at the Alibi Tavern, Cosmic Racing will continue to develop products that are different, strange, and unique. Our shirts have appeared in Motocross Action Magazine. 

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