September 2022

Hello Racers! We have been receiving feedback on our products and want to share it with you.

" The pants are very well made. They feel very comfortable. I love the gloves . Will be ordering another pair. The goggles are very comfortable too. Everything is very well made."

"Pants are awesome! I'm stoked-especially to be able to finally wear good knee braces w/leathers. Can't do that w/vintage Hallmans."

I'm an avid Vintage MX racer. Never saw a pair like these since the 70's. Great craftsmanship and a head turner."

"got the levers. They are great!"

"These freakin' pants are awesome. You are keep vintage motocross alive and well." (custom Honda pant)

We are offering a 10% rebate to anyone who has read the blog and makes an order. Simply do your order and mention "motocross is alive and well" and you will receive 10% back.

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