Boise VMX 70s photos


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In honor of the upcoming Racer X Inter Am Series and Hammer and Tongs Vintage Motocross race at Boise, I've uploaded some pictures from back in the day.  While not amazing photography, it's these simple photographs that remind me of the great days I had at the Owyhee Motorcycle Club.  Can't wait to get back!  See for more details.

Near the flat track
OMC Racing feature in local publication, also used for hare scramble check points!
Near the Clubhouse, heading towards the creek jump
A brief lead in the 125 Expet Class
Polaroids of the Clubhouse hill
This may actually be at Hagerman
On the gas coming up from the creeek bottom
The starts at OMC and the Clubhouse Jump, note 1972
Proud and skinny kid with Elsinore, Nampa, Idaho
Actually at Firebird Raceway, on a winter day